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Accreditations & Recognitions
ERDA is Accredited / Recognized by the following organizations. The list is only typical, not exhaustive. 
National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Govt. of India
Intertek (ASTA-BEAB) for Switchgear, Cables & Transformers
Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) for Certification Testing of Contactors, Pilot Lamps and Pilot Switches
TÜV Rheinland (India) Pvt.Ltd.,
Certification after Recognition of Agent's Testing (CARAT), TÜV-PS Germany
Dept. of Atomic Energy (DAE), Govt. of India for LOCA Qualification and Seismic testing of electrical equipment
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
Canadian Standards Association for LT Switchgear & Capacitors
Dept. of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India
Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India
Commissioner of Electricity, Govt. of Gujarat for Household Electrical Appliances
Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission, Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission and Rajasthan State Electricity Regulatory Commission for Energy Meters
Calibration plays a major and vital role in any quality management system.  One of the important requirements in a quality system for any organization is a valid calibration system for all measurements undertaken.  ERDA’s standards have traceability to NPL, New Delhi/ international standards.  ERDA is recognized by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, Govt. of India. 
Following instruments / parameters can be calibrated:
Parameter Instruments Range
DC Current 0-1000A
AC Current 0-1000A
DC Voltage 0-1050V
AC Voltage 0-1050V
Resistance 0-330 M Ω
Power (UPF/LPF) (Active, Reactive, apparent) 0-20A, 75 V /
1000A*, 1000V
Power Factor 0.1 lag/lead to Unity
Frequency 0.05-10MHz
Insulation Resistance Up to 1TΩ, 5 kV
Capacitance meters 0.33 nF to 40mF,
Resistance 100 µ Ω - 1 T Ω
Time 1 mSec to 90000 Sec
Universal Calibration System / Calibrators As per manual
Oscilloscopes As per manual upto 250M.Hz.
Transducers, Relay testing kits, Primary/Secondary injection kits, CB analysers/ELCB testers, etc. Same as for V,I, Power,pf, frequency, temperature, time, etc..
Energy Meters / Calibrators 55 V – 290 V Direct current up to 120 A; 3 Ph-3-Wire / 3 Ph-4- Wire / 1 Ph-2-Wire
High Voltage 400 kV DC & 1000 kV AC
Impulse measuring system* Up to 3000 kvp
(At ERDA as well as at site)
Partial Discharge Detector* Multiple Ranges
Partial Discharge Calibrator* Multiple Ranges
Standard Capacitor* Multiple Ranges
C – DF Calibrator* Multiple Ranges
Capacitance & Tan-delta Bridge* Multiple Ranges
Capacitive Voltage Divider*
(C1- C2 method)
Multiple Ranges
Items which can be calibrated Range
Digital Vernier Caliper / Vernier Caliper
(L. C. 0.01 mm & 0.02 mm)
0 - 300 mm  
Digital Micrometer / Micrometer
(L. C. 0.001 mm & 0.01 mm)
 0-25 mm
Plunger Dial Gauge
(L. C. 0.001 mm & 0.01 mm)
0-12.5 mm
Verification of uniaxial testing machines, Dynamometer etc. at site  (Accuracy – 1% ) Tension Mode - 100N to  200 kN;
Compression Mode - 100N to 500kN
Load Cell calibration (At ERDA)*
(Accuracy – 1% )
Tension Mode - 100N to  200 kN;
Compression Mode - 100N to 500kN
Pressure Gauges* >10-700 kg/cm2 for accuracy ± 0.5% of FSD
*These items are not covered under our scope of NABL accreditation for the present
Temperature Simulation (Indicator/controller/scanner, etc. -250oC to 2500oC
Temperature Measurement (Sensors, bath, etc.) -30oC to 1000oC
At ERDA, Vadodara
Calibration of CT and VT Analyzers.
Calibration of Standard Voltage Transformers up to 220kV Voltages and up to 0.05 accuracy class.
Calibration of Current Transformers up to 8000A, up to 0.05 Accuracy class.
Calibration of Turns Ratio Meter for 2 to 2000 Turns Ratio.
Calibration of CTPT Bridge (AITTS).
At Site and Mobile Facility.
Calibration of CT and VT Analyzers.
Calibration of Standard Voltage Transformers up to 33kV Voltage and up to 0.05 Accuracy class.
Calibration of Current Transformers up to 6300A, up to 0.05 Accuracy class.
Calibration of Turns Ratio Meter for 2 to 300 Turns Ratio.
Calibration of CTPT Bridge (AITTS).
Parameters Products Range
Luminous Flux GLS Incandescent lamps 190 lm – 3300 lm (25 W – 200 W)
Compact Fluorescent Lamps 200 lm – 2000 lm (5W to 26 W)
High Pressure Sodium Vapour Lamp 4800 lm – 50000 lm (70 W to 400 W)
Metal Halide Lamp 10000 lm – 50000 lm (150 W to 400 W)
High Pressure Mercury Vapour Lamp   2000 lm – 26000 lm (80 W to 400 W)
Tubular Fluorescent Lamps 900 lm – 3500 lm (14 W to 40 W)
Colour coordinates


2700 K to 6500 K
Energy Meters 
The testing of Energy Meters is done for both users and manufacturers.  The tests for mechanical, electrical and thermal properties are performed as per IS:13010-1990, IS:13779-1993 and IS:14697-1999.  Endurance, impulse, climatic, vibration and ingress protection testing ensure the reliability of the energy meter. 
Sr.No. Product Standards
AC Induction Watt-hour Meters, Class 0.5, 1&2 IS:13010
AC Static Watt-hour Meters Class 1&2 IS:13779
AC Static Watt-hour meters Class 0.5 & 0.2 IEC:60687
AC Static Electrical Energy Meters (Trivectormeters) CBIP Publication No. 304
Winding wires – enameled copper wires IS:4800, 13730, 13778
Electromagnetic core (CRNGO) IS:648,649, 1018
ASTM:A343,A717, A718
Frame die Cast Aluminium IS:617
Pinions – leaded brass/synthetic materials IS:319,4253,2221,882
Counter frame – brass sheet IS:410
Counter frame – Al sheet IS:2657
Terminals – plated brass IS:410,168
Gaskets synthetic rubber IS:4253
Plastics IS:4253,2221,882
Testing Facilities 
Following products can be calibrated as well as Type tested at ERDA.  Some of the important products are:
Sr.No. Product Standards
1 Current Transformer IS:2705
2 Potential Transformer IS:3156
3 Testing of analog measuring instruments (ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, varmeters, frequency meters etc. IS:1248
4 Testing of digital measuring instruments IS:13785
5 Testing of insulation tester IS: 2292
6 Transducer IEC: 60688
7 Energy Meter IS: 13010/ IS:13779/ IS:14697
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