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All about Membership Fee
Entrance & Subscription Fees   Annual Membership Life time Membership  
Category Entrance Fee (INR)
(One time paid)
Subscription Fee
(Renew every year in April)

Subscription Fee for new member (INR)

Subscription Fees for 5 years old member
Associate 5,000/- 5,000/- (fixed) --- --- Prevailing tax is applicable  on Entrance fee and subscription fee
Category A 5,000/- 10,000/- 1,00,000/- 60,000/-
Category B 5,000/- 30,000/- 3,00,000/- 1,80,000/-
Category C 5,000/- 50,000/- 5,00,000/- 3,00,000/-

Note1: Bank Details for Fund Transfer through NEFT/RTGS is attached herewith.

Note2: Documents required to be submitted with Admission form for ERDA Membership:

  1. Annual Audited Balance sheet and Profit & Loss account of Previous year
    Last Audited Balance sheet and Profit & Loss account and CA certificate for Provisional Turnover for previous year.
  2. Registration Details (i.e. copy of certificate of incorporation or DIC/UAN registration, etc.)
  3. Company/ Organization profile/ brochures
  4. Declaration for membership as per attachment

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