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Who can become an ERDA Member

ERDA membership is available in two categories. Eligibility criteria for becoming a member of ERDA is as below:

Associate Member: Any Institution not directly or indirectly involved in electrical or renewable energy industry either as manufacturer or trader or supply undertaking shall be eligible to become Associate Member. An Associate Member shall not be entitled to vote at the meeting of the Association nor shall be eligible for election as a member of the Managing Committee.

Ordinary Member (Annual/Life): Any individual, firm, institution, body corporate, limited liability partnership, private or public electricity utilities or Government electricity department engaged in the business of generation, transmission, distribution or utilization of electrical or renewable energy or production and/or sale of plant, machinery, equipment, systems, components, apparatus or materials, or research and development relating to the electrical industry and renewable energy sector or other trades or industries allied therewith or accessory thereto and corporations engaged in generating and/or distributing electrical energy and renewable energy shall be eligible to become an Ordinary Member.

Any person as specified hereinabove may become an Annual Ordinary Member for one year upon payment of annual subscription fee, or an Lifetime Ordinary Member for life upon payment of lifetime subscription fee.

Entrance & Subscription Fees   Annual Membership Life time Membership  
Category Entrance Fee (INR)
(One time paid)
Subscription Fee
(Renew every year in April)

Subscription Fee for new member (INR)

Subscription Fees for 5 years old member
Associate 5,000/- 5,000/- (fixed) --- --- Prevailing tax is applicable  on Entrance fee and subscription fee
Category A 5,000/- 10,000/- 1,00,000/- 60,000/-
Category B 5,000/- 30,000/- 3,00,000/- 1,80,000/-
Category C 5,000/- 50,000/- 5,00,000/- 3,00,000/-
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