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Mobile Test Laboratory
ERDA’s new initiative towards life management of products and systems through test & diagnostics

ERDA, a not-for-profit professional organization with its NABL-accredited central laboratories at Vadodara has been serving the industries and utilities for over three and a half decades. In its endeavour to serve its customers even better, it has set up a mobile test laboratory with financial support from the Government of Gujarat.
The mobile test laboratory is presently equipped with facilities for:

Testing transformer oil at site
Breakdown voltage
Water content
Resistivity and tan delta
Dissolved gas Analysis

Calibration of energy meters up to 0.05 class
Instrument Transformer test panel with CTs and standard PTs

Calibration of CTs and PTs

The test results, test reports, and interpretation summary will be delivered at site immediately on completion of the tests.

The mobile laboratory will be equipped in the near future with additional diagnostic test apparatus to provide comprehensive life management solutions to the customers.


The following official will be eager to interact with you and keen to support you in the life management of your products and services:


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